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02 Aug How to protect yourself from the sun on vacation
Lachman Leroy 0 2
If you have decided to go to the sea or to the mountains, you must also remember to protect your skin from the sun to avoid unpleasant burns.If you are dark skinned just put a sunscreen with a factor of 15 to 20 while if you have clear skin it is alw..
15 Sep How to tan well: 10 things maybe you didn’t know
Lachman Leroy 8 13402
What is the best way to get a golden and lasting complexion? How to tan well without taking risks for your skin?In summer (and not only) the race for the perfect tan leads many people to look for the best method to tan quickly and evenly. Often, howe..
15 Sep SUN-CARE: Incremental SPF Technology explained
Lachman Leroy 2 9768
Too many sunscreen products in your holiday bag? The solution is here! Our spray sun protections fit perfectly in your bag and you will need just one. WHY? The answer is easy, our Italian patent “Incremental SPF technology” will keep everyone’s skin ..
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