All About You SHE Magazine

“Tried en tested against 19 top brand best sellers, the only product to score 5/5”. Het team van SHE Magazine heeft 19 verschillende merken getest. Dit zijn merken als Dior, Lancome en Shisheido. That’so is het enige merk dat 5/5 punten scoort, hiermee wordt That’so “het beste selftan product wat ze ooit getest hebben genoemd.

Brand New Magazine

Brand New Magazine has tested various That'so products. In this article they tell about our Nature Tan Intense Bronze. This product is Vegan, which means that it contains no animal ingredients. The wonderful scent is also reflected in this article. “It doesn't stain and it smells great,” they say.

Brand New Magazine has tested the On The Go Dark Body Mousse. Ideal for your body. When you compare this mousse with the mousse of other brands, including Marc Inbane, you see a big difference in color. Our On The Go Dark Body Mousse immediately turns a perfect brown, gives a nice sun-kissed effect and cares for the skin.

Of course, On The Go Extra Dark cannot be missed in the list of our best products. Brand New Magazine is therefore certainly a fan of this product. It gives you a deep brown color. In addition, it has a moisturizing, anti-aging formula. So 2 birds with one stone.

Zin Magazine

Zin Magazine is very pleased with our ecological self-tan sprays. That's what they call the Nature Tan Light Bronze and the Glowy Gold. “Thanks to a patented system, they spray beautifully evenly and they also smell wonderful.” The Formula is unique and patented and therefore not available with other selftan brands such as Marc Inbane and Bondi Sands cannot use these formulas.

Innovative FMCG Product of the year 2016

Our All-in-One SPF sun protection products have been tested as the best in the Cosmetics And Beauty SRL category. This is a very special prize that That'so has won. There are many big cosmetics names in this list, but That'so still manages to conquer the first place.


Who is waiting for traditional Dutch milk bottles under your party dress? Nobody of course! This example is mentioned by the editors of the Weekend. You don't have to worry about this with That'so products. And the anti-age & moisturizing formulas are of course also a nice side effect.