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All-In-One Lipstick SPF15

All-In-One Lipstick SPF15
All-In-One Lipstick SPF15

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  • Mascara with a wow effect for the eyelashes.
  • Volumizing effect through a mix of vegetable waxes and polymers
  • Water resistant for the surface of the eyelashes
  • Present pigments give intensity and thickness to the lashes for an intense look
  • Ophthalmologically tested
  • Contains Jasmine

Composition UVA / UVB FILTERS JASMINE WAX: wax with emollient properties that promotes the formation of a filter on the eyelashes and gives volume. RICEWAX AND CANDELILLA: contribute to a plating effect and make the layer less permeable. CASTOR OIL: contributes to the well-being of your eyelashes thanks to its nourishing and elastic properties HYDROLIZED KERATIN: promotes lash shine and flexible film formation

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