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Golden Beauty

Golden Beauty
Golden Beauty
New Formula
Golden Beauty
Golden Beauty
Golden Beauty

Multi-position, semi-transparent tanning spray. Moisturising, anti-aging and firming.
The lotion has a dual effect:

1. instant natural tanning thanks to a semi-transparent natural bronze food pigment (no transfer, does not stain clothes)

2. lasting tan that develops between 2 and 3 hours after application (during this time avoid contact with water) and lasts for 3 days.

Smooth and even application, does not require rubbing. Formulation tailored by our researchers to give the skin a healthy and natural color (“tan” effect) without exposure to UV rays. Does not leave patches or an unpleasant odour.


Composition BRONZER FOOD PIGMENT: an immediately light color thanks to a cosmetic bronzer. A blend of colored pigments that are also used in food and are safe for human skin. DHA (Dihydroxyacetone): is extracted from sugar cane and guarantees a gradual and long-lasting tan without damaging the skin. The lotion works on the superficial layer of the epidermis and gives a radiant and intense color that slowly fades with the natural peeling of the skin without leaving marks. The product is free from erythrulose. PANTHENOL (vitamin B5): of vegetable origin, Panthenol guarantees an intense and long-lasting moisturizing effect thanks to its emollients and strong moisturizing properties. It deeply softens and regenerates the skin, leaving it elastic and firm. HYALURONIC ACID: Physically present in our organism, the hyaluronic acid penetrates deep into our skin and moisturizes it. This gives the skin firmness, clarity and flexibility. In addition, it visibly reduces skin wrinkles. Instant Bronzer Intensity: Low DHA: 4% Perfume: Fresh & Glam
Content (ml) 50ml
Instant Bronzer Intensity Low

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