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On-The-Go Dark Hemp

On-The-Go Dark Hemp
On-The-Go Dark Hemp

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  • Nourishing tanning spray for the face and body
  • Hydrating and anti-aging due to the addition of hemp water
  • Instant brown color. Does not stain until 3 hours after application
  • No unpleasant odor (free from erythrulose)
  • 6% DHA (dihydroxyacetone)


DHA 6%
Instant Bronzer Intensity Medium
Perfume Fresh, Herbal, Aromatic & Woody
Description BRONZER FOOD PIGMENT: immediate tan is achieved thanks to a cosmetic bronzer, a mixture of coloured pigments also used for food and safe for human skin. DHA (Dihydroxyacetone): is extracted from sugar cane and it guarantees a gradual and long-term tanning, without causing any damage to the skin. The lotion works on the superficial layer of the epidermis, giving a luminous and intense colouring that slowly decreases with the natural exfoliation of the skin without leaving any stain. The product is erythrulose-free. HEMP WATER (Cannabis sativa seed extract): an ingredient that nourishes and gives softness to the skin being rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 antioxidants, powerful natural anti-aging agents. MATRIXYLTM: strong anti-aging that helps wrinkle smoothing and improves skin tone and elasticity.

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