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Cuddle your body, feel always at your best!

Take care of yourself and your body through our accurate collection of cosmetics. Free your inner side, give to beauty a whole new glow!

Keep your lips hydrated with this light texture balm.Provides instant elasticity and softness, thanks to the shea butter contained in the formula, but also protects the delicate skin of the lips during sun exposure thanks to its SPF15 protection factor.The buttery formula melts easily and creates an..
Ex Tax:€9.92
Perfect Hair Dry Shampoo200 ml€ 16,- Purifying and volumizing Dry Shampoo. Water-free treatment that instantly cleanse your hair. In asingle gesture it soaks up the oil excess and grease giving it a cleaner, fresher appearance whileadding texture, volume and fragrance to your hair. Enriched wit..
Ex Tax:€13.22
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